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AC Installation

If you are looking for a new or old AC Installation, it needs experienced professionals to install the unit. A well installed split Air conditioner gives
good cooling and avoids further breakdown. We take utmost care during the installation of the air conditioner.

*Installation at a suitable and proper location
*Checking on all settings after installation
*Checking the performance of the AC and Gas pressure check post installation

AC Repair and Services

We assure you that you will witness the best AC service and maintenance by one of the best AC repair and service companies in Hyderabad. We also undertake the responsibility of long-term maintenance of your cooling systems. You can contact us at any time by calling on our toll free number.

* Our Air conditioner service ensures that your unit is efficient and reliable. It  will also help to keep your energy costs minimal.
* Our technicians have mastered the mechanism of different cooling systems such as, window ac, split ac, packaged ac, central ac, Cassette Ac,  Packaged Ac,
Tower Ac, and Ductable Ac

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